ESG Ratings, Scores, Tools and Software

Strengthen Energy Sustainability & ESG Program with Daily Reputation Updates, Impact & Risk Analytics and Metrics

With ESGWork, you get Sustainability & ESG solutions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence and human analysis. As it recreates ESG solutions with Software-as-a-Service, businesses are able to achieve better value, optimize ESG programs and understand their risk exposure. This way, such businesses are able to prevent and mitigate the business conduct risks that are related to their operations, assets, business relationships, and investments.

Daily Monitoring ESG Impacts & Risks

The use of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data and services allow you to build sustainability into your business operations. How? ESG data offers quality data of thousands of companies all around the world. This allows you to compare and set standards based on the data points and analytics, measure sustainable investment decisions and provide a reference tool for transparency and screening But to do this, you need a good ESG software that helps you ascertain the ESG reputation risks associated with your business. 

ESGWork software is an award-winning SaaS application in the financial category. This means that as a subscription-based SaaS application, ESGWork can execute ESG reporting and help companies to easily translate big data into curated and actionable ESG reputation risk reporting. This is done by employing standard metrics with an online platform and comprehensive reports.

Proactive Addressing and Mitigating Issues

Once upon a time, the environmental, social and governance components of a firms business operation was not important. However, these days, lots of large investment management firms and companies need to meet or exceed industry ESG standards. These companies are in need of an ESG software that helps them assess the ESG risks that are posed by their performance in key areas. Here is where ESGWork comes in.